Avoid Making these Job Hunting Mistakes College Grads Make

Job HuntingThe job market is rough as it is without you making things harder. A lot of college grads make common mistakes that are easily avoidable. To help make sure that you have the highest chances of gaining employment after graduation, avoid these mistakes at all costs!

Not Being Proactive

You’ve just achieved a major accomplishment by graduating from college — now isn’t the time to slack. If you need a little time to regroup, take a short vacation and then start looking for work right away- and don’t stop until you’ve landed something. This will show your desire to persevere and will improve your chances of doing so.

Depending on the Internet Alone

Sure, we live in a digital age, but it doesn’t mean that you should rely solely on the Web for your job search. Not all jobs are posted online and those that are may receive thousands of applications from qualifying candidates. Your chances of getting chosen are much slimmer. To improve your chances of landing work, you should focus a lot of your energy on networking.

Use the Power of Networking

Networking doesn’t have to mean connecting with people you don’t know. Try reconnecting with someone from your past who could help, such as a coach, Scoutmaster or choir director. You can also reach out to your family members and friends to see who they know who could possibly help you in your job search.

Using Generic Resumes

Avoid using resumes that only list courses, degrees and summer jobs. Your resume is your first contact with potential employers, so make sure it says the most about you. It should make a stronger statement about your candidacy, so make customized resumes that point out your strengths and experience for that particular job position.

Not Dressing the Part

When you finally get a phone call to come in for an interview, make sure you’re looking sharp. You can find suits and other formal gear at department stores like Lord & Taylor or Buckle. To help bring down the price, use coupons or try to only shop during store sales.

Some suggestions regarding your efforts to be a civil servant

ias CoachingBeing a civil servant is a dream for some people. Civil servant is a profession that is quite established because you’d be paid constantly by the government and get various attractive benefits granted in accordance with certain requirements. You would also get a pension if you are aged over 55 years old. In short, civil servant is guaranteed professions and has been becoming the desire of most people. To be a civil servant, a person needs to follow a series of tests conducted in accordance with the chosen field of work. Basically each exam is divided into two major parts, public examinations and tests that are tailored to the field of study.

For most people, taking exams like IAS servants, USPC, IPS, etc is quite difficult due to many exam materials are things they had never learned in their campus. One important thing to be known for every applicant is the tricks and the types of questions that are often given at the time of the exam. How? You could ask for advice from your family and friends who have attended the civil service exam, OR you could follow the guidance program for civil servant applicant. There are guidance services for civil servant applicants, and the famous one is ias Coaching In Delhi.

As you’ve seen above, there are a lot of guidance programs for civil servant applicants today. You could start looking for these on the Internet. Choose only coaching center which has a good reputation. Some coaching services provide books that are always up to date. Also make sure they are able to provide adequate accommodation for you. Remember! Daily travel in long distances would take up your time and your concentration in the exam. Choose coaching services that have an adequate library. With adequate library, you can maximize what you’ve achieved during the learning process. You could find a wide range of coaching services for civil servant candidates on the Internet and through it you can freely choose which one that suits you.

Choose best educational course and get best careers

educational courseToday, many of the students are confused to choose the best course because there are plenty of courses are introduced in the educational system. Meanwhile some students are choosing the particular course based upon the current job requirements. In online there are plenty of counseling services are available which clarify your all queries very quickly and giver best option according to your interest and ambition. Everyone wants to become a notable and famous business man in the world but only few of them are achieving the top rank in the business. There are two ways are available one is go for job and another one is doing any type of business. If you to become a best business men so choose the best business course and get more qualification in the field. Today many of them are choosing the computer technology course and got placement in the IT field with higher perks.

There are vast numbers of career developing and recruitment company sites are available in the online webpage. Everyone have come out with various dreams to glittering in the particular field  so they are choosing the desired course and get the job offers in that field. Engineering, mechanical, Medical, biology, Geography, aeronautical science, computer etc there are plenty of educational course are available in the educational world. Today one can easily choose the desired course in the educational centers because there are plenty of seats are available to the students. In those days there is no these kind of educational institutions and courses are available but today the education is completely turned to business. Many of the educational institutions are offering high fee structure to the students. So, plenty of students are not able to get the desired course so the career is spoiled in the beginning stage itself. Use online education and enjoy your bright future.

Benefits of online education to today’s generation students

college studentsEducation is always very important to both the young girls and boys in all situations. It will help them to make a good career in any industry. In the previous days, the students were going to the class rooms and learn education from the written notes on the black board. Today, there is an improving technology development in the educational industry. So, the students are now having an option of getting education from the online environment. Time saving is a top necessity of current fast world. That is why every person is going for the online resources to do lots of their works. Similarly, the students are choosing online education to complete their courses just from the home. It can suit their educational needs and also save more time. With the online educational environment, the students no need to go anywhere for getting education. Both school and college going students can get such types of online education from the reputed teaching organizations.

Many schools and colleges are having an approval for the online teaching services for the convenience of the students. All learners are welcoming online mode of education for their comfort and convenience of learning subjects. With the entire benefits of well situated learning environment, it gets immense popularity between both the school and college students. There are many online educational platforms available for the different courses. The college students can get degree from just online. They should attend the classes when they have time for learning. The online teachers are always there to help each and every student in education. There are not only the degree courses but the online students can also have many certified courses and language courses on the internet platform. If any student or working people want to learn English, online is a right and convenient platform for learning this language easily.

How to Move up The Ladder in Energy Industry

oil and gas managementThe energy industry is one of the most forward thinking out there in the world of big business, and those are in it already will be living pretty good lives. Those who want to further their careers, however, may discover that experience isn’t enough to snare some of those much sought after management positions. There is one thing that can greatly boost your career and that’s an MSc oil and gas management qualification. Developed in collaboration with the industry itself, this qualification is a pioneering programme which can either be a conversion course or a way of enhancing your relevant skills at a degree level.

Why You Should Choose This Course

The aim of this qualification is to equip you with the necessary skills you will need to take up a range of managerial and other professional careers within the global petroleum industry. It provides its students with a comprehensive introduction, at an advanced level, into how the industry operates; both up and downstream. It also explores those key challenges and the emerging technologies which, in the 21st century, are influencing both the exploration and ultimate production of gas and oil within the energy industry.

It also shows you the future of the industry and where it will be a few years down the line. The core modules are very much focused on those pivotal issues that managers and professionals in the industry will have to deal with on a daily basis. These include quality and project management, petroleum contracts, health and safety and the economics of the industry.

Students taking this course can further enhance their chances of employment in their required field by specialising in of the following 4 areas: QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment), Law & Policy, Technology Management and Finance & Investment. Highlights of the course include using simulation facilities and software which are of industry standard and support real time scenarios that are linked to the management skills of emergencies that are industry related.

Few realise how extractive industries are being affected by a range of ever growing factors such as international laws of trading, the shifting global economies and an ever evolving mix of energy and environmental issues on a global scale. Those who gain their master’s degree in oil and gas management will have the opportunity to develop their own understanding of all of these factors and be ready to move with the industry as it heads towards the next decade.